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Kegel Vaginal Cones and Other Exercisers


vagacareKegel vaginal cones are among the devices that can be used to perform Kegel exercises correctly. Other devices vary in terms of comfort and price. Some of the products currently available are compared below.


A barbell was the Kegel exerciser developed by the doctor for which the exercises are named. The barbells are sometimes referred to as dildos and used as sex toys. But, they do have a valid medical use.

If the barbell is properly shaped, it is possible for some women to gauge whether or not they are performing the exercise correctly. There are drawbacks for women with particularly weak Kegel muscles.

The PC is the muscle that contracts during orgasm, helps to deliver a baby and plays a role in bladder control. Holding the barbell in place can be difficult if not impossible for women with a very weak PC.

The other drawback has to do with the lack of resistance. Performing the exercise with a barbell is not much more effective than performing it with no assistance at all. As with any other kind of exercise, adding resistance builds muscle strength.

Resistance Devices

Air resistance was one of the first resistance trainers to be developed for this kind of exercise. They were initially used in doctor’s offices to measure the strength of the PC. They are still used by physical therapists to accurately gauge a woman’s progress.bladder control

Air filled bulbs of various sizes are inserted into the vagina. As you contract your PC, the air you push out of the bulb is measured by a valve similar to an old fashioned blood pressure monitor. This type of resistance training is limited, but it was better than the original Kegel exerciser.

The latest resistance-devices are weights inserted into cone-shaped holders. They provide a way to increase resistance and strength as time goes by.

While they do not provide the same kind of visual feedback provided by the gauges, most women can easily feel the weights rise and fall as they contract and relax the pc muscles. This lets them know they are performing the exercises correctly.

The Benefits

The benefits of performing Kegel exercises correctly include a reduction in urinary stress incontinence. This is the kind of urine leakage that occurs when laughing or sneezing. Other kinds of incontinence improve after 2-6 months of regular exercise. more vaginal weights

Stronger orgasms are another benefit. So, Kegel vaginal cones can help your sex life and your overall pelvic health.


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